For years, We at SansOx have made our life mission, to ensure that treated water and access to clean drinking water for all people
in the world becomes reality. We have invested heavily in award winning technologies that enable communities to treat water and have done
so with pride.

Unfortunately, having award winning technologies is not enough these days.To receive financing for projects of this sort is very challenging
nowadays due to several factors like political pressures, centralised banking structures and potential geographical risks.

Even though the market has massive potential, the knowledge regarding the existence of these technologies seem to pass relatively unseen by local communities. This usually stems from the fact that politicians and other public institutions are tied financially due to low
budgets and little knowledge.

Because of this we started to co-operate with Valega Capital. Together we believe that in such cases where a centralised system interferes with the greater good of the people, people should have the chance to take matters into their own hands. A decentralised system can give us all the power to change the way in which water is treated and distributed, in all areas of the world and in all walks of life. Most importantly it’s all about doing so in an affordable and environmentally friendly way.

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