Finn Spring, the largest spring water manufacturer in Finland, has received many international awards for its fresh spring water based products and design. Protecting nature is very important for Finn Spring. The company is constantly looking for new and innovative ways of cutting the carbon footprint of its production and operating in more ecological and sustainable way.

Accordingly Finn Spring was happy to choose OxTube developed by SansOx as a part of its sewage effluent treatment process.

Air is dissolved into water very quickly using OxTube, in a less than a second. The concentration of dissolved oxygen in effluent can be increased close to the maximum or saturation point in this process. The dissolved oxygen improves the efficiency of further treatment process and can help reduce the amount of COD in effluent.

OxTube can be integrated into a pipeline. Apart from a separate pump it requires no more additional energy. In addition to dissolving oxygen OxTube mixes effluent from different sources at Finn Spring into a homogenous solution.

SansOx offers versatile innovative solutions for water treatment processes worldwide.