Did you know, that as your waste goes to the landfills, there’s a water issue to be dealt with, too? And the water emerging at landfills may actually be rather challenging to clean. Quite often water from landfills is sent to municipal waste water treatment plants. Unfortunately, these plants aren’t prepared to deal with landfill runoff waters, like leachate, that has gone through contaminated materials. In some cases landfill waters are not treated at all, and all the bad stuff runs straight to the nature.

Landfill runoff waters can be toxic, and there are all sorts of harmful materials dissolved in waters. And how do you get rid of materials that are harmful and dissolved in water? 

Majasaari Waste Center in Kajaani, Finland, decided to take action and solve the water problem independently. A brand new water treatment plant was developed and build at Majasaari landfill area in order to properly deal with runoff waters. This is a significant project, as Majasaari takes care of municipal and business waste sent by several municipalities in Kajaani region. Majasaari is owned by EkoKymppi, a waste treatment organisation owned by Kajaani region municipalities.

We are very proud that Majasaari Waste Center chose SansOx to partner in this project. SansOx has something very special no-one else can offer: a tool to maintain the right level of dissolved oxygen (DO) in water during the cleaning process. Our solution is called OxTube, and it is designed to control the level of dissolved oxygen in water.

Maintaining the right level of DO makes it possible to push away harmful dissolved materials out of water. And when the oxygen level is right and steady, the process runs smoothly and effectively.

OxTube was installed at Majasaari Water Treatment Plant this summer, in 2020.

 “With OxTube we have been able to ensure that the level of dissolved oxygen stays at the same level all the time. We are happy how OxTube has been functioning”, says Mr Eero Piirainen, the Head of Environmental Department at EkoKymppi. 

Would you like to know, what OxTube is like? I’ll explain in a few words. OxTube is a pipelike device. It can be installed to an existing pipeline as a part of it, as it was done at Majasaari. It is connected to the pipeline with flanges. OxTube dissolves gases like air, oxygen or ozone into water. At Majasaari it is connected to an oxygen generator that produces oxygen for the cleaning process. As dissolving gases with OxTube is a very efficient and rapid process, it has been challenging to make the oxygen flow small enough. Because of this, a flowmeter was installed to the oxygen line to make sure the amount of oxygen stays right.