The MoU was signed at the Finnish Ambassadors Residence in Seoul. SansOx and DongYang also have a Partnership Agreement signed regarding distribution and OEM sales.

DongYang is an engineering company which is focusing on smart farming, aquaculture and nature conservation. Their offices are located in Seoul.

Through the Joint Venture effort the companies are developing localised solutions for Korea in Smart Farming, Aquaculture and Nature Conservation. These solutions will combine technology from both companies and the local network and expertise of DongYang. The first design is for nature conservation especially in reservoirs and lakes, which water quality has been deteriorating in recent years due to rising levels of algae and other impurities in the water. The companies are looking forward to also tackling Radon levels in water, among other local water treatment needs.

As noted by Sampsa Siitonen, CEO of SansOx Asia Co. Ltd.: “It has been a pleasure to work with DongYang TechWin this autumn. We have had a great chance to study the local water treatment needs and both companies expertise in tackling them. Through this exploration, we have been able to identify clear pain points in the water treatment market and start developing mutual solutions for them. I feel that during 2019 SansOx and DongYang, through the Joint Venture, will be able to introduce effective and novel solutions especially in Nature Conservation, Agriculture and Aquaculture sectors in Korea.”