It takes less than a second for OxPro Showers to dissolve useful air gases in water. These air gases, mainly nitrogen and oxygen clean and care for skin. The water from OxPro Shower feels luxuriously soft, and it may have a huge impact on skin, too.

Since the autumn 2018 players of a Finnish ice hockey team KooKoo have been enjoying this new shower technology created by SansOx. The massage therapist of KooKoo players, Teemu Valtonen, has significantly benefited from an OxPro Shower.

For years his hands suffered from constant use of massage creams at work. Creams caused rash and little cracks on his palms. The palms were itching, too. He had to wear hand gloves when working.

Valtonen tried to cure his skin with nourishing creams, but that did not solve the problem fully. It is very cold in Finland in wintertime, and that made situation often even worse.

But there was a solution coming. The KooKoo team went to practise in Slovenia in the autumn 2018. On the ferry Valtonen met the CTO of SansOx, Juhani Pylkkänen, who had developed a new kind of water technology called OxPro. Pylkkänen explained, how an OxPro Shower works and gave a few bottles of OxPro treated water for the KooKoo team. Valtonen tried OxPro water right away and was amazed at the results. "I applied OxPro water to my hands two or three times a day. The itching disappeared immediately." He wanted to test the effects of OxPro water a bit more. SansOx agreed to send the team two OxPro Showers to be tested, and Valtonen was given one OxPro Shower to be used at home as well. Tiny cracks in his palms disappeared as he started using the new OxPro Shower. "I don’t know why. It has got something to do with this water!"  He takes an OxPro Shower once or twice a day at the moment. His skin is unbroken even if exposed to harsh winter air. There is some drying, though, in the worst spots, but no cracks "My hands have never been in a better condition!" Valtonen is impressed by a two-month trial."I want to keep this shower. It has been very pleasant to observe the effects of an OxPro Shower. I am glad to recommend this to others as well."

The head equipment manager of KooKoo team, Jukka Salminen, has tried drinking OxPro water. "I take a half a litre of OxPro water per day." He noticed, that the intake of OxPro water increases metabolism significantly, but he hasn’t offered OxPro treated water to the KooKoo players yet. "I experienced pretty fast metabolism for three or four days, when I started drinking OxPro water. I decided to wait a little and offer this to KooKoo team members only after the season is finished. They will have more time to get used to this." Salminen has had an OxPro Shower at home, too. "A rash on my back has disappeared, and so has the unbelievable itching related to it. I take an OxPro Shower every day, and I must say I am very happy to have tried this."

An OxPro Shower looks like an ordinary one. The special feature has been built inside the handheld shower unit. Natural pressure causes suction that brings air into the water current via a tiny air hole. OxPro creates a whirl of tiny air bubbles and water, where air dissolves in water in a less than a second. OxPro water feels very soft, and dissolved air gases clean and care for skin.