SansOx was accepted to participate in a Digital District program in Spain. The aim of the program is to invite new businesses to Alicante, where there are qualified employees readily available. Distrito Digital en la Provincia de Alicante is funded both by local Spanish municipalities, cities and provinces and by the EU.

SansOx works in a cluster of four Finnish companies. Three of them form a chain of co-operation. FimusKraft turns biomass into biogas, RMV TECH turns biogas into electricity and SansOx makes sure the biomass is dry enough for the process. The fourth company, Witrafi revolutionises the way people find a parking space.

About 20 % of the water in Spain is recirculated. We want to bring our new technologies to the Spanish water market and make new ways of recirculating water possible. At the same time we want to pursue our core businesses in Spain.

We have had very promising discussions with several groups interested in collaboration. We have founded a subsidiary SansOx Spain to be able to operate in Spain, and we have employed the first person to work for the cluster of four Finnish companies.

There is an urgent and constant demand for water in Spain due to the warm weather. Orchards and groves use a lot of water, and the water quality needs to be excellent.