The municipality of Siuntio in Finland chose OxTube for iron precipitation. There is a pumping station in Barrås that delivers water to the Spa and densely populated areas in Siuntio. Even if the raw water wells are close to each other, the water in them is different. There is too much dissolved iron in one well, and the other one has too low pH due to the excessive amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in water.

Barrås used chemicals and mixed the waters coming from the two wells to solve these problems earlier. Now each well has its own OxTube to aerate the water. Each OxTube dissolves compressed air to the water. It uses the energy of the water flow in this process.

Dissolved iron starts precipitating right away, when dissolved oxygen meets it. This happens extremely fast in OxTube. Precipitated iron is removed from water in sand filters later on.

The dissolved carbon dioxide is stripped from water, too. This means pH is free to rise to the right level. The process takes places inside OxTube, which means no impurities can mix with water.

The pipes from the wells come together after OxTube treatment and the water then goes through GasRemox. GasRemox is another innovation by SansOx, designed to remove gases stripped by OxTube. The special feature of GasRemox is that it can remove gases from pressurized pipelines.

After GasRemox the water goes to three sand filters that remove precipitated iron from the water. In the end water is treated with a UV lamp.

There is about 30 cubic meters of water pumped through each OxTube every hour. The amount of pumped water can be raised up to 50 cubic meters per hour, which means 100 cubic meters per hour.

SansOx planned all the Barrås equipment and delivered it.


What makes OxTube different from other aerators?

OxTube is a tremendous novelty with spectacular new features that make it different from all other aerators. OxTube uses the energy of the flowing water for aeration. Extremely fast aeration takes place in a sealed environment, where no impurities can mix with water.

We are changing the world, OxTube by OxTube. Join us to make drinking water cleaner!

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