IroxFlotation is our recent innovation, which has been chosen as one of the nominees to receive the well-known AQUATECH INNOVATION AWARD FOR 2017. The winner will be declared on Monday afternoon, 30th October in Aquatech Amsterdam Exhibition. The final phase of this contest will be among three candidates, where we are one of the three nominees. Moreover, SansOx will take part in Aquatech Amsterdam Exhibition as an exhibitor, during OCT 31 – NOV 3.

IroxFlotation is a novel concept for removing dissolved iron from water, and it is especially efficient with highly contaminated solutions, like can be the case with mining waters, industrial waste waters, and so on. Various parts of this concept have been tested and studied already and we are planning a pilot test with actual mining water at a mining site by the end of this year.

Our ingenious IroxFlotation technology is a novel and far more efficient flotation technology than the existing flotation technologies. To learn more, please check the presentation beside this news as the article Topic of the Month.

Additional information about Aquatech Amsterdam Exhibition: