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Drip irrigation and nature

Oxygen is essential for all living organisms. Agriculture currently accounts for 70 % of the world’s annual water consumption. New technologies have been introduced in order to make irrigation more efficient. Subsurface drip irrigation is a good example of this development. Several Australian university studies that plants grown faster when there is more dissolved oxygen in the water. OxTube can dissolve air very effectively into water and this way increase the oxygen level in the water and make the plants grow faster.

 An Australian university has studied the effects of drip irrigation in relation to how increased oxygen content in drip fed water affects the growth of plants. The results were astonishing. Growth was 20 % higher when the oxygen level was raised by few %. The OxTube presents an easy, fast and very efficient way of raising oxygen content in water without additional external energy needs in the pipe line. 

As a result of polution in the free waters, several rivers, lakes etc. are consuming more oxygen that they can produce. A lot of fish farms are located in free waters and cover the big part of the water surface. This means that the more oxygen is consumed that produced and the water starts to die.

Oxtube can be installed into this kind of waters in order to increase the oxygen level in the water. The aeration of the water is effective way to increase the oxygen content in the water with minimal external energy. OxTube can be located on the shore of the water or on platform in the middle of the lake. SaOxfuge can be conncted to pipe line and the water can be cleaned and oxygen level can be increase in the same time. The customer will see the change in a short time. 

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