The quality of water in ponds, lakes, rivers etc. is decreasing fast everywhere. Big reason is that 80% of wastewater is discharged into the nature untreated. The other reason is that waste water’s content has also changing and most of the wastewater treatment plants cannot clean this water as efficiently as it should. For example, pharmaceutical residues in the wastewater have increased a lot since 1950’s when the most of the technology for waste water treatment was introduced and even today the most of the plants are using this technology. This means that according to research studies alone to the Baltic Sea 1,8 million kg of pharmaceutical residues are discharged every year. Just wonder how many kg of pharmaceutical residues end to the Mediterranean Sea.

The seas are one thing, and they are big problem, but we could do a lot more with smaller water systems like ponds, lakes and rivers with less effort. But the challenge is that who pays – Someone is usually the answer, not me. This same topic appears everywhere where you talk about this issue.

SansOx with the support of Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and together with INWF has taken steps in order to do something. We have also found few partners that want to improve the water quality in the pond or lake next to their office and in parks for the pleasure for the citizens. Projects in Korea, Thailand and India are soon improving the water quality in ponds and this way preventing the hot temperature fish killings and the forming of odor that spreads from small ponds and lakes.

The similar projects have been done in Finland and the results were good. Enclosed is video about our customer’s experience and the results he achived with small ClariOx system. You can also see it in YouTube (SansOx English Final - YouTube). /userfiles/news/SansOx_English_Final.mp4.

Do you want to be somebody in natural water system treatment instead of waiting somebody else to do it. This equals nobody. SansOx can help you removing pharmaceutical residues from discharge water. We also have solutions to make water clearer and prevent the algae forming. SansOx solutions can also prevent the forming of hydrogen sulphate in lakes.

Let’s make the water better together