technologies behind Sansox's products

At SansOx, we have developed several modern innovations that can combine versatile technologies in a new way. They grant a prosperous approach to create economical future water treatment systems that are more efficient with reduced cost – and represent sustainable environmental values.



SansOx provide fast and efficient separation with minimal energy consumption and as a continuous process in a tube, which can also reduce a lot the need of large flotation pools. Total estimated investing and life cycle running costs can be reduced by more than 50 %, depending of the site / facility and when compared to existing type systems.


SansOx SaoxFuge is a spiral separator, which separates liquids and solids of the liquid to different layers based on gravity and density of the materials. According to several studies, it is easier to separate particles from water that is well oxygenated, like various metals. Therefore we use often The SaoxFuge in combination with the OxTube. This can be combined with VOxflotation to remove the remaining inpurities from the water.