The VOxFlotation


SansOx Vortex Flow Flotation, shorter The VOxFlotation, is a new important innovation for most effcient purifying of process waters by mixing and dissolving of air and coagulants in order to optimize focks and solids collection. 


Description of VOxFlotation

Vortex Flotation Separation developed by SansOx is a unique separation method in which the liquid flows with the particles continuously in a vortex path, the gas bubbles are formed in inlet of the liquid flow and in the vortex flotation flow, the bubbles spin and cross the vortex liquid flow in optimal angle, the particles in the vortex flow stick gently on the spinning gas bubbles and are transferred to the cell surface.

The liquid is treated before the vortex flotation phase by the OxTube of SansOx. The treatment consists of gas and chemicals feed and mixing, gas dissolving and additional compressed air feed if needed for additional air bubbles. The treatment is done continuously and fast in terms of seconds by the OxTube process that mixes chemicals e.g. coagulants, dissolves gases e.g. oxygen in to the liquid, and generates lots of flocs and micro bubbles of air and reaction gases directly in to the flowing liquid.

1 VoxFlotation Separator; 1. Liquid intake, 2. Feed, mixing and dissolving of additives, 3. Additional flotation gas feed, 4. Vortex flow pipe of the treated liquid, 5. Flotation with round corners, 6. Foam scraping wing with height control

Product highlights

The liquid is flowing without stopping through mixing, dissolving and flotation separation that increases performance and decreases energy consumption Chemicals are mixed and gases dissolved continuously within seconds directly in to the liquid flow.
The bubbles are evenly distributed and small in size, average bubble diameter of 0.1 mm. There are mixture of air and reaction gas bubbles in the liquid flow that increases separation performance. Additional compressed air can be fed in to the liquid flow in order to generate larger bubbles if needed. Bubble size can be controlled. Surface energy of the solid/gas interface Υsv is increased by micro bubbles and their spinning effect caused by the vortex flow; the attachment of solid to gas is increased Surface energy of the solid/liquid interface Υsl is reduced by gas dissolving; surface tension and viscosity of the liquid are lowered, and the attachment of solid to gas is increased

Customer Benefits

The vortex flow keeps the flotation cell clean for longer which reduces service costs. There are no rotational nor moving elements in mixing/dissolving which reduces maintenance costs. The vortex flow turns bubbles and solids towards the main stream that reduces impact of shear and gravitational forces on the detachment. The collection efficiency of the flotation process (flotation recovery R) is increased by high collision probability, small bubble size, and high density of air and reaction gas bubbles. The vortex flow in the flotation cell provides the induction time enough for attachment of the particle to the bubble while the cell size is reduced. The vortex flow in the flotation cell generates the spinning effect of the bubbles and solids that increases the attachment performance.


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