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Oxygen is essential for all living organisms. Fish is expected to fulfill the incresing need of food. SansOx's Oxtube can aerate, oxidize and ozone water in order to boost the growing of the fishes. OxTube can keep the oxygen level in the water at the decided level in order to make the fish grow faster and taste better. 

Fish farming has seen global growth in recent years, however stream, lakes and rivers with low flow rates are becoming polluted as a result of growing fish farming. Fish consume a lot of oxygen, causing bodies of water with low rates to suffer. This is a downward trend that is difficult to reverse.

As a result, recirculation fish farming has become increasingly popular due to its lower impact from an ecological standpoint. It has been widely-utilised in smolt farming for a long time, and now it is gaining popularity with fish of all sizes, especially in the western world. Consistent oxygen levels in water used in recirculated fish farming are essential for healthy, quickly-growing fish.

The OxTube allows for the simple maintenance of consistent oxygen levels in recirculation fish farming water sources. The OxTube can also equally be used for dissolving ozone into fresh water that enters the system. In this way, all impurities can be removed, allowing for  clean, new water to be introduced into the system. The SaoxFuge can also be utilised to separate solids from recycled water.

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