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SansOx solutions and applications prove to be more modular and thus grant better possibilities for variations than other systems in the market. Modularity, in turn, means cost savings in investment phase as the customer process needs can be better tailored and secured, which also affects to running costs and consumption of process ingredients, like chemicals, coagulants, and gases.
SansOx solutions can be planned and constructed in a manner, where 24/7 running needs can be fulfilled whenever needed. Qualified service personnel by SansOx or our agent companies worldwide will be at your disposal when needed. The service personnel of a customer company can also be trained for regular maintenance duties.


SansOx OxTube is a modular solution that can be retrofitted, easily removed, cleaned and installed in many stages of the water treatment process. OxTube can be integrated into any water flow system of fresh water processing and waste water treatment, where the OxTube provides systems with the comprehensive oxygenation and aeration. Studies and pilot cases have shown that the OxTube oxygenates water more rapidly and energy efficient when compared with existing systems. OxTube can be applied with varioustreatment plants and natural water flows. Investment costs are relatively low.

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SansOx SaoxFuge provides efficient separation with minimal energy consumption.

A spiral separator, which separates liquids and solids of the liquid to different layers based on gravity or density of the materials. According to several studies it is easier to separate particles from water that is well oxygenated, like various metals.

Spiral flow of the liquid in the tube provides sufficient centrifugal force to a sediment organization of the components. The outlet tube skims away the desired heavier material layer.

The spiral separator can be combined with soaking and saturating of gas effectively, e.g. aeration or oxygenation, into the liquid which will be separated. Ejector tubes and a pressure chamber can be connected to spiral tube in order to feed gas into liquid.

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The Vortex Flotation Separation system developed by SansOx is a unique separation method in which liquid continuously flows in a vortex path, gas bubbles spin and cross the liquid flow at an optimal angle, and the particles in the liquid stick to the spinning gas bubbles and are transferred to the cell surface. The trade name of the Vortex Flotation Separation is VoxFlotation.

The liquid is treated before the flotation phase by the OxTube. The treatment consists of a gas and chemical feed, with additional mixing, gas dissolving and compressed air feeds if needed. The treatment is carried out by the OxTube device that mixes chemicals (e.g. coagulants) and dissolved gases (e.g. oxygen) in to the liquid, thus generating and introducing lots of micro and reaction gas bubbles directly into the flowing liquid.

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