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Process and Waste water 

Waste water management falls into 2 categories: industrial waste waters and municipal waste waters. The goal is same for both: an end product consisting of water so clean that it can either be distributed back into nature, or recycled and re-used.


Municipal waste water cleaning processes – from pre-treatment to primary, secondary and in most cases tertiary treatment – have remained relatively unchanged since the 1970s. Aeration comprises an essential part of the treatment process during most of these stages.

SansOx OxTubes provide a competitive alternative to traditional aeration methods, especially towards the end of the treatment process. The mixing of chemical agents can be achieved with the help of the Oxtube. OxTube aeration minimises problems that often appear at municipal waste water treatment plants. The SaoxFuge can also separate solids of appropriate size, and VOX-flotation provides a new way of separating unwanted solids from water. Compared to conventional flotation system, VOX-Flotation does not need any dispersion water, as all cleaned water goes through the aeration process.

The challenge is the same in industrial water cleaning: how can water be cleaned to a level that it is suitable to be reused in the process? Sansox has expertise in the pulp and paper industry, as well as mining industry applications. In both cases, the amounts of water utilised are generally large, and the need for processes such as aeration is considerable. Aeration plays a big part in the cleaning processes of the pulp and paper industry in particular.

The OxTube can be used throughout the process, as aeration should be at a consistent level throughout. Instead of utilising liquefied Oxygen to keep oxygen levels high throughout the whole cleaning process, the OxTube can aerate the process several times, whilst also reacting to rapid increases in oxygen demand. At the same time, odor problems can be minimised as the need for open tanks is reduced.

The SaoxFuge can also be used to separate solids. 0-fibers are a good example of solids that can be collected from waste water, simultaneously increasing overall efficiency through their reuse and lowering the cleaning demand at the end of the process. With the usage of a separator, a solid content of 0,45 % can be increased to 25-30 % for subsequent reuse in the process.

In different industries, the OxTube can be used to dissolve gases such as air, pure oxygen, ozone and Carbon dioxide into water sources to enable the extraction of dissolved iron, mangania  etc. The PH of the process can also be controlled by dissolving chemicals such as H2O2 and CO2 into the water source. The OxTube can also dissolve other chemicals in liquefied or gas form into the process. This will help mineral collection in the OX-Flotation tank.

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