SansOx combined our aeration technology solution OxTube together with Indian company Elixiir that provides enzyme that helps to clear and clean the water. Together these two products were able to improve the quality of the water in lake Sukhrali at Haryan, India significantly. And this took just a couple of days.

Two OxTubes were installed to deeper part of the lake and there was a big difference when comparing how the fish reacted after the installing of OxTubes.  The most important observation is fish dont gasp for breathing as they used to till teh day before yesterday. They used to come out to breathe air. Now all fish are breathing through their gills and moved from shallow part of the lake into deeper areas where OxTubes are spreading the high DO water to the lake.

Walkers that go around the lake during the weekend also marked that the water is clearer and the smells that sometimes come from the lake are gone as well. According to them the lake is like reborn.  

This is the second lake rejuvenation project for SansOx as the first project was done a year ago at Madipur lake in Delhi.